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my decision

finally, I just made my decision at the end of last year..decision about what am i going to do in the future..I got some plan actually..or I can say my hopes.

1st, waiting for choices are peg kastam, penguatkuasa, peg sains, RA n pengajar juruxray..but, after thinking back...I only get the job if I pass the exam, then the uncle said, it's hard now to join gov sector..then i move to 2nd choice..

2nd, become a policewoman or join ATM..i didn't see any advertisement of this until the last week...but my course doesn't available for that heartbreaking~ but luckily, I already choose the other plan

3rd, be a teacher..i already send an application to mara..hoping to get position as a mathematics teacher in some school...but after hearing that government will only take graduates from maktab, GSTT and UPSI to fulfill the empty post..I move my plan to the last plan last hope...

the plan

the only plan left is scholarship on postgraduate diploma of ultrasonograpy..the last resort, after some discussion with my relatives and teacher..they said the same thing "take this one", I continue my study in this field..sounded ridiculous..some friends might think or have said earlier...but for is really a big thing..I didn't get any job interview related to my, I grab every chances left..not to think that i really upset to change my path...taken a course that really different from what i have taken before..but, I think..this is what Allah want me to do..Allah just want to test my faith.. whether, i can succeed or fail the test given..

so, from now on..I don't want my heart fluster again..just keep the faith that Allah knows the best for me..I don't want to get jealous anymore to some of my friends that already got a job in our field of study.when hearing the news that they got job is lie if I don't feel slightest jealous toward them even though I really happy that they get a, I brainwash my jealousy, that what we call luck or fortune.they have better luck than me..

from now on, I need to fully concentrate on study and make sure that I pass all the examination..that not an easy task as i'm not a studious person..I always study at very last minutes before..and I need to change that, please pray for me..that I can change my attitude and pass the exam...

ps: for all my friends that already got a job..congratulation!! *with sincere feeling

Firman Allah, “Katakanlah : “Hai hamba-hamba-Ku yang melampaui batas terhadap diri mereka sendiri, janganlah kamu berputus asa dari Rahmat Allah. Sesungguhnya Allah mengampuni dosa-dosa semuanya. Sesungguhnya, Dia-lah yang Maha Pengampun lagi Maha Penyayang.”(Surah Az Zumar:53)

conclusion, never lose hope~

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chanz said...

"just follow your heart.." - kata martha kent pada clark kent

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